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Post Interview Tips

The thrill of completing an interview can leave you feeling anxious and eager for the next step. Rest assured, your recruiter is working hard to get your name at the top of the candidate list. You may be asking yourself, “What do I do now?” We’ve gathered a few tips you can do post-interview to leave a lasting impression.


Send a Thank You Email

Sending an email to your interviewer to thank them for their time is a polite gesture that lets your potential employer know that you are serious and interested in the position you interviewed for. It is best to send this within 24 hours of your interview.


Keep Your Options Open

Try not to get tunnel vision! Especially when interviewing with a staffing agency, recruiters may discover a better opportunity that fits your needs. Remain open-minded and ready to discuss other opportunities you may want to take advantage of.


Patience is Key

It can be hard to remain patient when job hunting, but it is important to remember that great things take time. Your recruiter or HR person may be ironing out some kinks and advocating for your needs on the backend. It is common practice to wait three to five days after your interview to follow up if you haven’t heard back yet.


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