Everyone did really well and the project got finished on time/early. We loved everyone that was out here. Thank you for working hard to ensure we had enough people.


It was a great weekend, I’m so proud of the ladies. They did an awesome job! We will be getting busy starting next month. I can’t wait!

Lacie, Event Manager

I have been with TMD for four years off and on. They have always placed me with quality employers that give me the opportunity to become a full-time employee. The line of communication is always open with concern of what is happening at the job where TMD placed me. I can truly say when a window is closed, a door is opened with TMD.

Darin, Temporary Employee

I normally do not get the opportunity or have the time to take a moment to let a vendor know how much they are appreciated. I really do enjoy the service that you and your associates provide. The workers that you provide continue to be top notch. The consistency of their work ethic is nothing short of amazing. I do not know how you can keep this type of service up, with some of the short lead times that I give you to provide me with warehouse help.

Keep up the good work!!! I know when I call you I have nothing to worry about.

Lee, Manager

I want to thank the staff at TMD Temporaries for the hard work they do with staffing my special needs and request. The last six years have been a pleasure working with a staffing agency that you can depend on for everything and anything we need.

Thank you!!

Steven, Yard Manager

This is a well-served “Thank You” to you and your staff for the outstanding job you do for us. I believe we have been “partners” with you for about 4 years, and it has been a good 4 years. You are ready to fill our order with competent temps who are beginning to feel like part of our family. You are sensitive to our needs and time demands, and do everything in your power to make life easy on our end. You have been a treasure to work with, and we know we can always count on your help. We have a great line of communication, and feel we definitely get our money’s worth from your service. We are contacted daily by other temporary agencies but have remained loyal to you because of the great job you do for us. Thank you!!!!!

Nancy, Human Resources Administrator

I just wanted to take a minute and say thanks for a job well done.  In the three years that I have been here, we have used your company TMD exclusively for temporaries in the Banquet Department. I have been in the service industry for many years and used many different temp companies. Your company is the first to truly understand that we are not a nine-to-five operation and that we have many unique scheduling challenges. You have done a wonderful job of meeting the challenges. I can honestly say that TMD has always risen to the challenge. With you and your team’s efforts we have pulled off many successful events. I would gladly recommend TMD to other companies in need of temporary help.

Patrick, Banquet Manager

I’m writing this letter of recommendation with great confidence that Texas Management (TMD Temporaries) will meet your business needs for temporary staffing. Texas Management has been a business partner for several years. They have been able to meet our needs for temporary staffing both on a short-term and long-term basis. In addition, their turnaround time is quick, and customer service is among the best.

I’m sure you value great customer service as we do, which is why I’m recommending TMD as a business partner.

Gary, Assistant Operations Manager

Thank you very much for your great services you have given us this past 8 years and that you will continue to serve us with your help these coming years.

Gabby, Operations Manager

The service was professional and I appreciated the timely updates on progress in finding a qualified candidate. The staff was knowledgeable and easy to work with. Candidates referred for consideration were well screened and easily met specifications established for the position to be filled. I would not hesitate to utilize TMD Temporaries for all of my computer staffing needs.

Jennifer, Support Supervisor